I love to create large abstract paintings that are rich in colour and texture.  My creative process involves a lot of experimenting and self-taught methods with acrylics, inks, and mixed media.  Sometimes I will paint for days and weeks on one piece until I uncover that perfect balance that has me saying "that's it... it's perfect".
Each painting has layer upon layer of transparent and solid colour.  Some layers get scraped away a little and others get water and alcohol added to them for a surprisingly uncontrolled effect.
I paint with brushes, palette knives, and sponges of all sizes and shapes.  However, I do not limit myself to these types of tools alone.  Occasionally, I will pop into a Dollar Store or Hardware Store to see what I can find to make unique texture or imprints on my works.
My inspiration comes from nature... specifically natural stones.  The lines, shapes, and colours that are in the stones give me a fabulous foundation for personal expression, creativity, and freedom.  Music is a big part of my routine and shows up in all my paintings by way of brush or palette knife stroke.
I am basically a self-taught artist and have been painting since 2010.  I have always been engrossed in art in one way or another.  At a young age I was obsessed with cartoons.  I would draw them all over my school binders and my jeans.  From cartoons I graduated to photography and then to making natural stone jewellery.  Many of the stones that I would purchase to embed into my jewellery designs would be so captivating that I needed to find another way to hang on to its beauty.  Hence, I began to paint what I saw in the stones.
Painting is my passion and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to dive into what inspires me!
Special thanks to my family whom have supported me in my journey... I love you.
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