Beautify Your Home

with Original Abstract Artwork

I have been an artist, in one art form or another, for most of my life.  Years ago, a good friend, introduced me to acrylic painting... I instantly fell in love!
All my paintings are abstract in nature.  I love the intensity of colour and freedom of moving the paint where I imagine it should go.  Sometimes I combine elements like sand, stone, and other materials to add dimension and texture.
I invite you to browse through my website and take in all the marvelous colour.
Proud Member of ArtMatch in Calgary:


"Love the two paintings I just bought from Julie. The colours and uniqueness looks amazing in my house. I have had so many compliments from friends and family. Truly amazing art."  --  Cheryl

"When looking at Julie's paintings they exhibit unique vision and thoughtfulness.  Her use of multiple methodologies in applying paint to canvas is amazing.  When viewing her paintings it is exciting to see the areas that have been poured, brushed or sponged culminating in a cohesive unrestricted piece of art. She can be counted on to produce a unique piece of art each time which is always pleasing to the eye. Her understanding of vibrant color combinations result in one of a kind contemporary abstract pieces of art. "  --  Ivy-Anne